Keeping the Little Pieces Organized

I learn so much from the students in my Open Labs at WCTC. A while ago Marilyn started working on a very popular animal pattern:

Fancy Forest Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Click here for Elizabeth’s website.

Each animal is adorable, but the number of pieces per block was a bit intimidating. Marilyn has stuck with it and is making great progress.

This past week she came in with her solution to the problem of keeping all the little pieces organized.

Ingenious! She simply pins the cut fabric pieces, along with identifying notes about each stack, to a chunk of foam. This would work for appliqué projects too.

Thanks Marilyn, for sharing your great idea!


And, speaking of teaching and learning, I had a wonderful time teaching at Spring University Days at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts this past weekend.

It was a great event, and I have the privilege of teaching two half day workshops at the museum in June.

A “quilt as you go table runner” will be the morning offering. Students may choose from a Patriotic or Christmas themed kit and there’s a good possibility the runner will be ready for binding by the end of class:

In the afternoon I’ll be teaching students how to make a variety of Seminole Borders. These samples will be a great reference for adding spice to future projects and kits will be available for this class also (please be aware, the following picture is not of a finished quilt, but shows 3 different seminole borders, overlapped for the picture):

Click here for more information on the French Braid workshop.

Click here for more information on the Seminole Border Workshop.

Perhaps you’d even like to sign up for both! I’m looking forward to a day of learning and fun!


Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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