Schnibblework 4 – Making New Yardage

This week I’m posting from Florida on a wonderful trip visiting family with my cousin Deb.

Fortunately I had this week’s post ready to go:

It was great fun to realize that piecing scraps could be a time of quilting play and not simply an exercise in frugality.

But once I got my star from last week’s post put together, I realized I couldn’t put off cleaning my counter any longer. During my recent “season” of “counter pile up” I spent time making patriotic tops for Quilts of Honor .

In that leftover pile were strips and half strips of many different fabrics, with a few squares, rectangles and pieced units. What to do with them? There really weren’t any odd shaped chunks. I decided to sew the strips of similar size together, press, trim and then pair up similar sized pieces again,

continuing in this fashion until one entire piece was made. The result: over a half yard of pieced patriotic fabric.

What will it become? I don’t know yet, but it’s a lot easier to fold and place in the stash than all those “schnibbles” would have been.

Have you “made any fabric” using my schnibblework technique? Or any technique 🙂 ? Please send me pictures!

3 Opinions

  • Louise Haddon said:

    I will sometimes use these extra pieces on the back of the quilt. Often times the back needs to be pieced to make it big enough and you already know that it goes with the front!

  • Eileen Bastin said:

    Your Honor Quilts are stunning!

  • Cindy Boyd said:

    I belong to a sewing group at my church and am the lucky recipient of their scraps which consist of strips of fabric that range from 1″ to 6″ along the fold of the yardage (generally about a yard in length). In return for receiving the scraps, I sew a multitude of items from the pieced yardage, including gift card holders, pillowcases, totes, and, of course, quilts. The fabrics range from tone-on-tone to wild florals to zig-zag stripes, so some of my combinations are pretty eye-popping. Any additional ideas for uses of these strips would be welcome!


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