Microwave Bowl Holders Revisited

Thanks for all the comments/votes for the background fabric on Moseley’s quilt. I enjoyed tabulating the votes and reading so many well thought out comments. If I’m going by numbers, #3, the outdoor sky fabric, won with 47 out of 69 votes. But it’s not that easy, my daughter-in-law, Betsy (Moseley’s mom), voted for one of the others. What to do??? I haven’t decided yet, but when I do – I’ll post it on my blog – so you’ll be the first to know  😀 !

This week’s post is a short one because I had only a little bit of sewing time between my wonderful trip to Florida with my cousin and a fun getaway with my husband to a B&B in Steven’s Point, WI (our son took off this week and we were grandchild-free). This was what I worked on in that little bit of time, and I thought you might enjoy it:

I’ve made quite a few Microwave Bowl Holders, or Soup Cozies,  over the years. We use ours daily, for handling hot and cold bowls, and I’ve given many as gifts. I posted about this a few years ago. To read that post click here.

While in Paducah this Spring I found a delightful “kitchen utensil” fabric. Upon arriving home I realized I have dear friends who would really appreciate a pair of the bowl holders. So I grabbed my new fabric and here are the results:

To watch a great tutorial on how to make them, go to: http://syzygyofme.blogspot.com/2012/06/microwave-bowl-potholder-and-tutorial.html

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