A Great Quilting Tip

Every so often I just have to share a great idea I’ve learned from another quilter!

This past June Jan Bretzel was the speaker for Patched Lives Quilt Guild. Her quilts were joyful and inspiring. I especially loved one of her clever tips and she gave me permission to share it:

When a quilt has a lot of open white background area to fill with quilting, Jan recommends using a light gray thread instead of white or off-white. It will show off the quilting well on both the light background and the dark areas of the quilt. Here’s the quilt she offered as an example:

Stunning! She also had light gray in the bobbin – one of my favorite tips for getting the tension to look great front and back is to put the same thread in the top and bobbin.

She added a wonderful label too. Thanks for this useful idea Jan!

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