Seminole Piecing – Part 2

Two weeks ago I introduced one of my latest quilting fascinations – Seminole piecing. This week I’d like to share pictures from the class I taught on this technique at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts  in June. I made kits for the students, so they could focus on the piecing techniques. They did a great job and everyone went home with samples of 5 different border patterns to refer back to when they’re ready to add some extra excitement to their quilts.

I will be teaching this workshop at the Madison Quilt Expo in September – kits and all, and I’m hoping it will be a hit! If you’d like to sign up go to:

I will also be teaching half day workshops on a class I call “Where Do I Start With Fiber Art” (formerly “Parallelisms”). It is based on my book of the same name. To register for that class please go to:


A few days after the Seminole class in Cedarburg, Beth sent me this picture of the project she bordered with the Seminole braid pattern she’d learned in the workshop:

She used a striped fabric in the braid and I think it’s spectacular. Beth said that each length of striped fabric only made 8 units so the braid changed looks every so often. I can’t wait to try striped fabric in my Seminole borders. Thanks Beth!

Tomi was in the class too and she brought along a trio of Seminole dolls she was given by her grandfather.

She had some fascinating information about these dolls. Next week I’ll share their story and how I acquired my own Seminole doll!

Have you used Seminole piecing in your quilts? Do you have any pictures you’d like to share? Please email them to me at

4 Opinions

  • Seamsmith said:

    Wow – Beth’s striped border is very unique. I’ve never seen anything like that. Love it.

  • Elrid Johnson said:

    Nice to see the technique come back . Years back I put a Seminole border on curtains for my family room. Maybe I should revisit For a current project?

  • Cheryl Parker said:

    I’ve never heard it called Seminole piecing before. Years ago, my little quilt guild had a round robin. I’d just gotten a new ‘borders’ book, and tried out the braid border on one of the round robins I worked on. It was easy and fun, and looked great. My only problem with fun borders is the math, to make them come out properly. Thank goodness the braid border didn’t require any math to make it fit.

  • Laurie said:

    I love the striped Seminole border. It gives the illusion of tiny pieces of fabric sewed together and makes it look complicated. That’s what fascinates me with quilting. Great job Beth. Thanks for teaching us the fun border method Chris!


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