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Have you ever entered a quilt into a contest in which it traveled for a period of time?

In 2015 I entered the Madison Quilt Expo’s “Fall Leaves” quilt challenge. Part of the entry agreement was the quilt would travel with the exhibit for two years. That’s a long time!

My quilt “Which Way Does the Wind Blow” arrived back on my doorstep this past week. What a joy to have it back and hang it up for Autumn!



This was the card that traveled with it.

The quilt got it’s name because I challenged myself to draft some of the leaves as oddly shaped mariner’s compasses using my “Compass Capers” technique (you can purchase a copy of my book at: http://www.chrisquilts.net/books/). Piecing the leaves was not difficult, but finishing the leafy edge took a bit of perseverance.

I lined the back of each leaf and stitched them to the quilt on the leaf veins (compass seams) resulting in a 3D effect. I liked the image of the windblown tree so much, I made a second quilt entitled “Autumn Dusk”.

This time the interesting effect was achieved by using an orange/black¬†Pointillism fabric for the sky and water. This may not be the last time I make a quilt with this tree – perhaps there’ll be a series. Stay tuned :-).

Have you had a quilt travel? Please comment to this post and let us know!

2 Opinions

  • Bernadette Martin said:

    I love both quilts! There has been so much done with the four seasons quilts…what about a series of times during the day?
    And thanks for reposting the Packers quilt. I like the idea of getting the shirts at Goodwill.
    You make life so interesting.
    Thanks, Chris.

  • Jan Hartwig said:

    I absolutely love BOTH quilts! What a beautiful way to have the tree. I hope you do make another quilt or two using that tree. Awesome!


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