Homemade Christmas Gifts – Part 2

Last week I asked for pictures of Christmas gifts “you” were making this year. I received responses from 2 talented stitchers and I found their projects delightful. I think you will too!

Sonnalea does beautiful things with her embroidery machine. Here’s what she sent:

“Chris, each year I make my grandchildren a Christmas ornament.  I have attached the front and the back (the front of the ornaments was a Design by Sick).  

I also attached a wallhanging I made for my sisters (it’s from a Janine Babich Design).  My sister Marcele received one of these.  Merry Christmas to you. Sonnalea.”

Sonnalea’s sister, Marcele, is a friend of mine from church – and she had shown me a picture of this wallhanging the same day Sonnalea emailed it to me 🙂 .

Then I got an email from Margaret. She is a very talented quilter, and is a sewing and quilting judge at many local county fairs. Here’s what she had to share:

“For several years, I have been making new pillowcases for each of my grandchildren every  Christmas … I sent these off last week.

Last month, I gave a demo @ our morning guild meeting (Kettle Moraine Quilt Guild), using that “hot dog method”.  When we meet this week, instead of exchanging gifts as we usually do, members will be bringing pillowcases to donate to Children’s Hospital (they like to give them out to patients to keep).

Your pictures are wonderful … I will share your blog with guild members.
Thank you … Margaret”

What a great idea for a guild “gift exchange”! This was followed by a second email with more wonderful projects:

“Thought of you as I was making these stockings for our youngest grandchildren – wishing I had not left this task until after Thanksgiving.  After all … these babies were born in July & Sept.  But – stockings were sent off & are now hanging.
The overall designs were to match their older sibling’s stockings, but yet I have tried to make each unique.  Even though the cuffs are sewn on last, I did use your method of sewing the lining for Finley’s stocking … thank you for sharing your tips.

I enjoy the hand work & creativity … and if I thought our families would continue to grow, I would write up better instructions so I don’t need to figure everything out again.  Personally, I’m anxious to get back to regular quilting!”

That last part made me laugh out loud. I can really identify – I’m forever reinventing the wheel.

Thank you Margaret and Sonnalea!

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season and all the preparations which go with it!

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