Anything Goes – Fiber Art Exhibit!

Before I get to today’s topic I’d like to apologize for last week’s email link error which affected quite a few of you. If you would like information on our Sew We Go cruise to Hawaii in January 2019 – please click on this link:




And now for my “Topic of the Week”:

I’m very pleased to announce that Threadbenders, a new fiber art group I belong to, has an exhibit of challenge quilts hanging at Sew Much More in Waukesha, Wisconsin!

(formerly known as Frank’s Sewing Center – 2140 W Saint Paul Avenue).

I belong to two art quilt groups and in 2017 they both held Anything Goes Round Robin challenges. I’ve participated in these before and it’s a great learning experience. In essence each member puts something in a bag, passes it to someone else and does anything they want to what’s inside the new bag they get. After 4 or 5 rounds the originator gets their bag back and the only rule is “you can’t be upset over what you get back”. The originator then is encouraged to finish theirs.

Many participants in our Threadbenders challenge did finish theirs and the results are quite interesting. Those results are what is hanging at Sew Much More (here are two pics of the exhibit, but they really are much more interesting “in the cloth”).

We took pictures each step of the way and have posted them on our blog. To see all of the finished quilts and all of the step-by-step pictures go to:

Here are the pictures of my challenge piece’s transformation. Laura got my bag first. It contained an unfinished class sample from my silhouette appliqué workshop.

Laura – round 1

Connie – round 2

Sonja – round 3

Brenda – round 4

I was a little befuddled about what to do with what I got back. After staring at it for a while I decided it might be fun to use it as the focal point of a “Modern Quilt”, using the shapes in the challenge piece to inspire my quilting designs. I was pleased with the results (red – I know – who would have thought it???).

If you didn’t link to the Threadbender’s blog above, to see all of the Anything Goes quilts, please do so now at:

And to see the finished projects – go to Sew Much More! It’s a great store and you won’t be disappointed!

4 Opinions

  • Louise Haddon said:

    Were these shared with everyone after each month? Or like a round robin where you just keep passing and don’t see until the end? The progress pictures are very interesting!

    • clkquilt admin

      They were shared each month – and we took the step-by-step pictures. The best part was it kept attendance at these meetings high because no one wanted to miss anything!

  • Barb M. said:

    Saw them up close and personal on Saturday. They were all beautiful.

  • Susan Pavlik said:

    Congratulations Threadbenders on a fabulous 1st exhibit! So exciting to see the quilts transform with each iteration; final pieces are so unexpected, and beautiful. I’m going to Sew Much More {1st time this week} to check out this exhibit and the store.


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