Added Shadows

A few years ago I made a quilt using an orange/yellow pointillism fabric, silhouetted with black.

I loved the way the pointillism fabric added depth. I loved the color, I loved the silhouette of the tree. I was pleased with the moon. It was exhibited in a number of shows and I shared it in many lectures.  It hangs in our home every Autumn. But something never seemed quite right.

Recently I pulled it off the shelf as I was packing up for a lecture in a nearby town. I got the feeling I should hang it on the design wall and stare at it for a bit (which was impractical – as Trey was napping and I really needed to use the time to prepare for the talk). All of a sudden it hit me –

Why hadn’t I noticed this before? Why hadn’t anyone mentioned it to me?

I threaded the machine with black and began rapidly free motion stitching horizontal “wavy” lines on the lake. A few moments later – SHADOWS!

Here’s the before and after, side-by-side pictures, for comparison:

I’m so glad that when a quilt is finished, one can always change their mind and add a bit more quilting!

Now I love it even more   😀 .

Have you ever added to a quilt long after it was “finished”? I’d love to hear your story. Please comment to this post or email me at


And here’s a little extra about last week’s post :-). You may remember I shared pictures and stories about Bears Paw quilts. I asked for readers to send me pictures of their bears paw quilts and Donna responded with this email:

“After reading your last blog entry about the bears paw quilt, I thought I’d send you a picture of my quilt.  It’s not really a bears paw quilt, it’s what I started in your “Scrap Happy” class at WCTC a while back, but it does sort of have giant bears paws in it.”

It definitely has bears paws on it and it’s wonderful! Thanks Donna!

To see the original post about the Scrap Happy class I taught at a retreat go to:


And one last item for anyone who lives in the Milwaukee/Madison area. This coming week is a special one and my church, Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown, WI, will be presenting a “Walk Through Jerusalem” on the evening of Good Friday. It’s a wonderful family event! Come anytime between 5:30 and 8pm. The address is 792 Milford Street.

If you’d like more information, please watch this invitation from our Pastor!

Join us Good Friday from 5:30pm-8:00pm for a Walk Through Jerusalem!

Posted by Calvary Baptist Church on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Maybe I’ll see you there  🙂

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