A Quilter’s Rest Stop

It’s time for Quilt Week in Paducah! This will be my 29th trip in a row and I’m very excited. But the start to this year’s trip was quite unique from every other. Yesterday we had freezing rain and today it turned to snow. This was my driveway as I left this morning.

It was the worst winter storm this year. Oh how glad I am to be heading to Kentucky with my dear friend Linda. The snow was letting up by the time we got to Rockford and tonight were staying in Champaign, IL. – not a snowflake in sight and it’s 43 degrees – hooray!

Next week I’ll share some of our Paducah fun but this week, since I’m talking about travel, I have a quilt and travel related post:

My friend Connie recently returned from a driving trip to Texas and New Mexico with her husband. On the drive home through Iowa they happened to stop at the Cedar County rest stop on I-80 between Iowa City and Davenport. She was very excited about it because the entire building was filled with quilt blocks!

Iowa is in the process of updating 38 of it’s rest stops and each one has it’s own unique theme! This one was designed to resemble a train station with an Underground Railroad theme.

Here are a few of the pictures she shared with me: The exterior blocks:

Some interior blocks:

And an entire interior wall:

I found a great website about this fascinating project, with pictures of all the themed rest stops at: http://www.ctre.iastate.edu/pubs/midcon2003/MastellerRest.pdf

It looks like a wonderful stop! Thanks Connie!


Linda and I will be staying in the B&B above Tribeca Restaurant in Paducah again this year. I’m planning to hang a display of my Mariner’s Compass quilts in the front window. Please stop by and visit them if you’re in the area!


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