Pin Cushions

On our rare “child”- free days Mike and I like to go for rides to nearby towns and visit antique shops. On one of our recent adventures I found an old pin cushion that really tickled me.

As you can see it’s in the shape of an old telephone (so very different from our present day devices), with the pin cushion in the center of the rotary dial, the scissors fitted into an opening at the top, and it even has a retractable measuring tape that comes out the back of the “phone”. It makes me smile and got me to thinking about some of the other pin cushions I have. Some are utilitarian, like my purple magnet with flower head pins that I use daily:

Or the one I made that hangs by my sewing machine and is attached to a schnibble bag:

I’m sure these are familiar to many of you. The next one I’ve shared before, but I think it may bare repeating. I have a divided pin cushion that I’ve marked with the needle sizes I use. When I’m changing needles, and the used one still has life in it, I stick it in the appropriate place in the cushion. I then put a fancy headed pin in the section that represents the needle I’ve just placed in the machine. That way I always know which type and size is being used.

The next one was our trip project when Wendy and I took a group of quilters on a riverboat cruise in France. It is an armchair caddy that not only has a pin cushion across the top, but 2 roomy pockets and a scissors holder (the pocket on the other side has an embellished map of our trip on it).

(Just a quick note – we still have a few cabins available for our Quilter’s Hawaiian Cruise this January. Click here for all the information)

This next cushion isn’t one I use, but I found it in an antique store many years ago and I love it. It will keep my new “telephone” company on the shelf.

Are you a collector of pin cushions? I never thought I was, but I guess they do appeal to me.

Do you have a favorite one you use every day? or any that are interesting or unique? Please send me pictures at

4 Opinions

  • Zeman Kathleen said:

    I love this pincushion post! I especially want to make the one for sewing machine needles so I can keep aware of what I’ve used & still has “life”. Also the armchair pincushion is great. I’m just wondering what you use inside of the pincushions??

  • Tomi Fay said:

    I love the idea of tracking which needle is in your sewing machine with the pin cushion! I have a little sliding dohickey that works for one machine, that what about the other machine? That is perfect.

  • Judy Miller said:

    In the latest issue of Missouri Quilt Co. Block magazine there is an article about making your own pincushion. They are really cute. I also like your suggestion regarding your machine needles.

  • Pat said:

    Thank you for the wonderful program you did for Lake Country Quilt Guild.


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