More Delightful Pin Cushions

After last week’s post I received a number of pictures of more pin cushions. They were so diverse and interesting, I just had to do one more pin cushion post  😀 !

Laurie sent this picture with the following message: “I inherited this stagecoach pin cushion from my Mom who passed away in 2009.  There is styrofoam under the red covered top and if you look closely you can see the retractable measuring tape on the bottom between the wheels. I don’t use it because it’s too cute and I don’t want to wreck it.”

Lorraine’s email contained another helpful hint for using cushions: “This isn’t a special pin cushion but it has a special purpose. I love using these numbered pins but got frustrated because they would always get mixed up in their sectioned container. I finally decided to dedicate a pin cushion just for them.  By keeping each number grouped together the pins are now so much easier to use.”

Shellie said “Here’s a photo of a thumb pin cushion that I bought on Sunday, at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah.”
I think I have one of those too – now to figure out where I put it!
Nina sent me a photo of part of her collection with the comment: “Some from flea markets, others from mom and grandma and children. I just adore them!”
And Cathy said the following are only part of her collection too:
What a fun, useful and collectable item pin cushions are! Thank you so much ladies for sharing your treasures with us.
These all got me to thinking about 2 additional ones I inherited from a relative’s sewing collection many years ago. They’re unique in that the pins are stuck into the edges. One is a velvet circle and the other looks like a “mattress”. I’m showing them from two different angles and the pin heads give you an idea of their size. I wonder how old they are.
I spent the past 6 days in New York City with my cousins Deb and Cindy.
We had a marvelous time visiting all the sites and seeing a few Broadway shows. It was wonderful!
Funny thing – in all the shops we wandered through I didn’t find a single pin cushion  😉 !

3 Opinions

  • Ronnie Summers said:

    I love the pincushions with the pins in the edges: the whole thing would fit beautifully into my sewing kit because it is so compact and flat! Thanks for a great idea, I always learn such cool things here

  • Seamsmith said:

    Love that little mattress pin cushion. It’s just so cute!

  • Alice admin

    The round pin cushion is the type used at Old World. The old fashioned sewing kit was called a housewife. It was a cloth roll up bag with a button closure. Inside pockets held thread on cards, small scissors and the round cloth covered circle with ribbon edge. You would keep your pins in order around the outside.
    They are just so pretty and useful at the same time. They remind me that I come from a long line of women that have sewn.


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