A Quilted Flag

I have been traveling a lot lately. I recently spent 3 days with the Shawnee Quilters in Carbondale, IL, teaching both Repliqué and Beginning Fiber Art. The students were delightful and, since I did a lecture for their guild meeting on the third day of my visit, they were able to bring their workshop projects for show & tell.

Great job ladies!!! Thanks for a lovely time!


In May I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week in New York City with my cousins. Deb, Cindy and I had a spectacular time touring the Big Apple, taking in two Broadway shows, and indulging in delicious meals – all interspersed with lots of giggles. We had an amazing view from our hotel room – 35 floors above Times Square.

We did a 2 ½ hour guided bike tour through Central Park with Tony,

and walked or took the subway all over Manhattan. We even walked across the Brooklyn Bridge!

Cindy, Deb and I enjoyed our ferry ride with a tour of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Our guide Zach made it especially fun.

He did a great job of sharing a lot of history and fascinating information about these two amazing places, plus he spiced it up with his “Zach facts” 😀 ! They weren’t necessarily true, but they kept us smiling (note his flag in the picture above). Here he is next to an actual size replica of the Statue’s foot in the pedestal museum beneath Lady Liberty.

During the rest stop on the tour I showed Zach pictures of my “How Beautiful – Liberty” quilt (click here to see a post about that quilt).

This got me to talking about the tours I’ve led and how Wendy and I have a mascot who often finds herself atop flags so we can keep track of our guides, like when Rudy and Quiltina led us through Siena, Italy.

Zach jokingly mentioned he’d love a personal flag that announced his “Zach Facts”, and when I got home I decided it would be fun to make him one to wave along with his orange “company” flag. He emailed me the “head shot” he wanted me to use, I transferred it to white fabric – along with the words, added the Statue fabric to the back and did a bit of fun quilting. Here are the results – front and back:

And this was his response via email:

“Hey Chris, I just received your quilt and card in the mail today and I want you to know how honored I am. It really made my day. Even the back side of it is beautiful. Loved the card as well. Can’t wait to proudly wave that flag. I am truly thankful.”

That made it so worthwhile. Isn’t it interesting how quilters can find a way to bring quilting into all aspects of life (LOL)?

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  • Joanne Corrigan said:

    Well done Chris!! I visit New York several times a year, as my son and his family live in Manhattan! I must say, I love NY. There is never a dull moment and always something to explore. There is a cool quilt shop over on 7th Ave called The City Quilter. And if your a knitter, Purl Soho also is a fun shop. Take care and keep up the travelogues.

  • Boni Paugel said:

    What a fantastic way to share your journey with him. These are the best way to share the memories of any special occasion. Fabulous job Chris.

  • Sue Kilgore said:

    OMG fantastic pictures Chris!!! 👍
    I envy your travels sooo much! 😍Someday I will get to New York 😉

  • Connie said:

    Chris, As always a thoughtful gesture spreading your talent, kindness and generosity. “Zach Facts” will be enjoyed by many. Love it!

  • Nina E said:

    Just to set the record straight: City Quilter in NYC is permanently closed, much to the dismay of NY and visiting quilters. There are two new quilt shops that are much smaller, Gotham Quilts and Candy’s Quilting.
    Chris, Great idea for Zack!

    • Barb, NYC quilter said:

      Yes, we are still mourning the loss of City Quilter.(“Cheers” for fabricoholics.) But we are so happy to have Gotham Quilts in midtown and Candy’s in Chelsea, each distinctive and wonderful. I hope you visited the garment district with the wildest fabrics to be found and every kind of tool and trimming. I hope you also visited the vibrant fiber arts scene which spreads across many, many galleries and museums small and large, (FIT being my personal favorite) right up to the venerable Metropolitan Museum of Art which typically has 5-7 fiber-related exhibits in any given year. And don’t forget, come back, soon! The town goes into high gear after Labor Day each fall.

  • Pat Rychlowski said:

    Oh how much fun you had in New York. It is one of the places on my bucket list. I guess I shoud make that happen sooner rather than later. LOL. I can imagin that story of the flag getting told over and over. That will make you “famous” in New York! The flag is really a wonderful gift you made for Zak. I also enjoyed all the posts from people who live there or are frequent visitors. Your blog is always a high point in my day.


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