In addition to teaching classes at Waukesha County Technical College, Chris offers an interesting array of lectures and workshops for quilt guilds, shops, shows and events.

Is your guild or event looking for an exciting presentation? Whether it’s the latest technique or an inspirational allegory, Chris comes well-regarded for both her speaking and quilting expertise.

 for information on any of these exciting quilt presentations.

Chris Lynn Kirsch – Lectures

Friendship Quilts – Then and Now

Whether they’re called Autograph, Signature, or Friendship quilts, these pieces of history capture and document people, places and memories like no other quilts. Many vintage and modern pieces will be shared in this entertaining talk, along with a few patterns to get you started on your own friendship quilt.

Gone to the Dark Side

Chris began sewing garments as a child and didn’tdark-side-promo discover the joy of quilting until well into adulthood. When she explained this to a group of garment sewers, they commented to one another “she’s gone to the dark side”. This made her laugh. What made quilting so dark? It also got her thinking about all the garments she had made in the 70’s and 80’s – and still possessed. This became the inspiration for a new and humorous talk that includes ponchos, bell bottoms, prom dresses and a whole trunk full of quilts that have their roots in the “light” world of garment construction. Join Chris on this trip down memory lane.  Be prepared to chuckle and maybe even laugh out loud!



Tradition With a Twist

TWT pub 175w

Take tried and true quilt patterns, add a few modern techniques, mix in a bit of imagination and you have Tradition With a Twist. Be entertained and inspired as Chris shares her “new” collection of vintage quilts, a bit of history about each, and their contemporary variations!






Journey With a CompassMariners Compass Lecture

Travel with Chris through her amazing collection of Mariner’s Compass quilts, from traditional designs to exploding stars and all the shapely and off center creations in between. Then learn how she drafts all these variations with just paper, pencil and a ruler!


Gradation Play gradation lecture

Gradations can produce lovely effects in your quilts. Discover fun ways to use the gradation fabrics you may already own. Then learn how to choose a gradation of colors and/or values for your next quilt. A trunk full of quilts will be shared.



Quilt TalesQuilt Tales lecture by Chris Kirsch

A quilter’s life is full of creative exploration, experiences and mishaps! Here’s a lighthearted look at one quilter’s journey as her love affair with fiber continues to evolve. Chris will be “formally” attired when she pulls quilts and other intriguing items from her overflowing suitcase. Listen on, as she spins tales of the quilts and what she’s learned from each of them.


But I Still Love YouChris Kirsch antique quilt lecture

In this lighthearted talk a costumed quilter will share her collection of antique quilts. Although these quilts are not museum quality, and some are quite worn, they each have their own story. Chris presents these quilts with as much historical information as possible, a love for each one and a bit of humor. The title reflects her feeling that even though they are not perfect, she still loves and values them.


The Many Quilts of RepliquéReplique - a Chris Kirsch technique

Chris has written two books on this exciting technique which is very accurate and requires no fusibles or templates. It can be used to recreate favorite photographs, to form words and so much more! Come and see a trunk full of delightful quilts while you learn the fun way to Repliqué!

Chris Lynn Kirsch – Workshops

Where Do I Start With Fiber Art?
Fiber art class - by Chris Kirsch

A workshop from Chris’ fourth book:

Where Do I Start With Fiber Art?

A great class for the traditional quilter who’d like to make an art quilt, but is afraid to try! Come and play with fabric, color and design while discovering an inner creative child. Each individual will create their own unique work of art using their imagination, parallel strips and geometric spirals.

6 hour workshop

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Compass CapersMariners Compass simplified - by Chris Kirsch

Traditional mariner’s compass quilts are beautiful, but can be difficult and time consuming to piece. This class will change that! Learn to draft a traditional compass using only a pencil, ruler and paper folding techniques. Then sew directly on the pattern using paper piecing – no math or templates! Once the technique is learned, compasses can be made any shape and any size.

6 hour workshop

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Repliqué ConeflowersRepliqué Quilts: Applique Designs from Favorite Photos, by Chris Kirsch

Treasured photographs make treasured quilts, and Chris teaches you how in this special workshop. Using her book Repliqué Quilts: Appliqué Designs from Favorite Photos, Chris shows how to create treasured heirlooms by machine appliquéing directly onto enlarged photocopies. In class, students will learn the repliqué technique while stitching the coneflowers pictured on the cover of her book. Once repliqué is mastered the possibilities for its use are limited only by your imagination. Take the all-day class and also learn finishing techniques.

3 hour workshop

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Architectural Repliquémachine applique pictures, by Chris Kirsch

Picture your home as a quilt. By using the technique from Chris’ first book you’ll be able to recreate any photograph as an accurate fabric replica in machine appliqué. No fusibles, templates or degree in art required. In the first half of class students will learn to Repliqué on a sample block. In the second half, the students will complete their blocks while Chris works one on one with each quilter to determine fabric placement and appliqué order for their own picture.

6 hour workshop

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Beyond Meanderingfree motion quilting class - by Chris Kirsch

Quilting the quilt should be as much fun as making the top! If you’ve been free motion quilting for a while and wonder if there is life after stippling and meandering, the answer is YES! This class is for stitchers who are already comfortable with the free motion technique. The 3 hour class will be filled with loads of “no mark” designs to learn and practice. The all day class will also include time for students to bring in unfinished tops and have the group brainstorm design ideas.

3 or 6 hour workshops

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Threaded BordersAdvanced free motion quilting - by Chris Kirsch

This is a free motion quilting class with a twist for the machine quilter who has been honing her free motion skills. By combining our imaginations with contrasting threads, wonderful borders and illusions will take ordinary quilts to a new level of excitement!

3 hour workshop

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Pieceful Star

Learn to strip piece a simple design, then cut repeating diamonds from it to get a modern twist on the lone star pattern with much less effort. The center star finishes 31”

(some pre-cutting instructions will be included with the supply list for those ambitious students who like to get a lot accomplished in class)

6 hour workshop

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Seminole Sampler

Simple strip piecing, cross-cutting and diagonal re-sewing can add a border that takes your quilt from fine to fantastic. Samples of a number of different Seminole patterns will be made to keep as a reference for future projects. The picture at right is a collage of 3 different quilts with Seminole borders to show how interesting and lovely the designs are. 

3 hour workshop

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