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Microwave Bowl Holders Revisited

Thanks for all the comments/votes for the background fabric on Moseley’s quilt. I enjoyed tabulating the votes and reading so many well thought out comments. If I’m going by numbers, #3, the outdoor sky fabric, won with 47 out of 69 votes. But it’s not that easy, my daughter-in-law, Betsy (Moseley’s mom), voted for one of the others. What to do??? I haven’t decided yet, but when I do – I’ll post it on my blog – so you’ll be the first to know¬† ūüėÄ !

This week’s post is a short one because I had only a little bit of sewing time between my wonderful trip to Florida with my cousin and a fun getaway with my husband to a B&B in Steven’s Point, WI (our son took off this week and we were grandchild-free). This was what I worked on in that little bit of time, and I thought you might enjoy it:

I’ve made quite a few Microwave Bowl Holders, or Soup Cozies, ¬†over the years. We use ours daily, for handling hot and cold bowls, and I’ve given many as gifts.¬†I posted about this a few years ago. To read that post click here.

While in Paducah this Spring I found a delightful “kitchen utensil” fabric. Upon arriving home I realized I have dear friends who would really appreciate a pair of the bowl holders. So I grabbed my new fabric and here are the results:

To watch a great tutorial on how to make them, go to:

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Christmas Gifts

In last week’s post I asked to see pictures of Christmas projects you were making and Nancy sent me these:




Delightful! Thanks Nancy!


A few quilters in my Open Lab class at WCTC have recently made variations on the “microwave bowl holders” that are so popular right now. The idea behind them is great! You place your bowl of soup (or whatever) in the holder and put it in the microwave. Once the cooking is done, the bowl can be removed by holding the pad without burning fingers. It can also be used to keep your fingers warm when eating ice cream :-)!


I decided I wanted to make some as gifts and my friend, Barb, shared the web address for a blog with great instructions. Click here to visit that blog and learn how to do it:,

I made a few and loved using them. One addition I would make to Karen’s instructions on her blog concerns the quilting of the sections. She recommended just quilting with an “X”.

On mine I also quilted a circle a little larger than the bottom of the bowl in the center of each piece. In this way I knew where to end my darts … 1/4″ from the quilted circle!


I highly recommend pinning along the 4 lines the darts will be sewn on  and then setting the bowl in place before stitching, to make sure it will fit. Adjust as needed.

Here are a few pictures of the ladies making them in the Open Lab class.

bowl pads2

bowl pads3

bowl pads4

We had a good time and the pads were lovely!

bowl pads 1


Just one more Christmas gift suggestion that was made by Barb M.  on Facebook  a few days ago (she was the quilter I wrote about in my November 3, 2013 post, who finished the quilt her Aunt Jeanette had started on my first cruise).

Barb wrote: “I NEED a¬†Chris Kirsch¬†style quilt float–it would make quilting this quilt so much easier! Oh why didn’t I make one sooner. May have to take a break from quilting (when the fog lifts) and make a trip to Home Depot for the necessary components. Chris Kirsch, you may want to consider reposting the instructions for making your quilt float in one of your upcoming blogs. There may be others that would like to request the components for Christmas!”

quilt float

So, if you are planning on quilting a crib quilt or larger in the near future and someone is asking you what you want for Christmas; the needed supplies and assembly instructions can be found in 2 past posts. Just click here for part 1, and here for part 2!


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